Dawning of a New Era

Here is the missing first post from what is certain to become known around the world as Shelly’s infamous website changeover debacle.

The posts are a little bit out of order now, but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out.

Oh please, powers that be, send me someone who can take care of these details for me. I need to get my message out. I am not a web person or a design person. I am a systems integrated perfectly with people person.

Please deliver me from the torment of having to design and build a website.

Anyway, in the meantime, here is the missing first post, much like Jimmy Buffett’s missing verse.

I hope you enjoy. Please leave me some encouragement if you do. Thanks. :)


Hi there, it’s great to see you!
Considering that this is my first post, I figure it’s probably appropriate if I start by telling you a little bit about why I have set out on a new course for my life and what’s in it for you as we head into this New Era that is changing everything about the way we do business.


I’ve been in business my whole life, from starting as the junior in my parents business when I was 15. When I bought into my first business in my mid-twenties, I thought I knew so much and that it would be easy.


I didn’t and it wasn’t. It seemed to be a constant struggle, with people, with finances and with my own ability to cope under the pressure. It was what I have come to fondly call my personal time in hell.


The upside to all of those torturous, dark days was that it started what has become my life’s quest to find out what I didn’t know. Wow it was a lot!
So I spent my life from that moment forward, which was the mid 1990’s, learning everything I can about successful businesses and successful people in all walks of life.


I also studied my own thinking and patterns of limiting beliefs and shaky values and cleaned them up or cleared them out. 


All of this took me a very long time – about 17 years actually. 


It was after all this time and transformation that I went back into the family business and faced my demons. Without boring you with all the details, the process ended up being the confirmation I really needed to help me heal – that now I could do it, now I was able to be truly successful in business. 


It was then that I realised how much I wanted to help other business owners with what I’ve learned. I think our businesses become our personal hell for far too many of us and I’d like to change that.


Together you and I will transform your business into a model that sets you free and we’re going to use the “Fast Track Business Blueprint – 7 Keys to Business Freedom” that I created to get you there.


Stay tuned as we start working through the Blueprint, step-by-step. Talk to me as we go along so I can help you in the best possible ways. Visit my Facebook Page to chat and ask questions.


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